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MMX / SSE assembler optimized effects
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Supports all Windows versions from Win95 to Win7, although some features are not available for all Windows versions (see limitations below)

Win32 packages for Delphi 5/6/7/2005/2006/2007/2009/2010/XE, C++ Builder 5/6/2006/2007/2009/2010/XE

Available components        
TFormContainer: full featured container that allows to dynamically insert forms as child windows
TFCEmbeddedForm: not really a component, but a custom form that you can inherit from when creating forms that will be easily embedded into a FormContainer
TEffectsPanel: panel enhanced with our backgrounds technology (translucency, textures...)
TEffectsGroupBox: group box enhanced with our backgrounds technology (translucency, textures...)
TFormTransitions: enhances a form by making use of transitions and animations to show or hide it and adding rich backgrounds
TTEAnimationList: allows creation and configuration of the animation effects at design-time
TTransitionList: allows visual creation and configuration of the transition effects at design time
TTEImage: shows pictures with native support for transitions, both synchronous and asynchronous (threaded)
TTETransitionExport: transitions export component
Transition features        
Flicker free
High performance
17 different families with hundreds of different cool effects
Form show/hide transition effect
Transitions are not limited to pictures: any child control or partial area of a control can use a transition when it's being showed, hidden or its visual appearance is being modified some way (for example, changing a picture, color, text, etc).
Asynchronous (threaded) picture transitions are supported by the TTEImage control
Transition export component is available
You can set transition duration in milliseconds
Design and runtime visual editor with optional autopreview
Mouse and keyboard optional abortion.
Background painting features        
Solid color layer: opaque or transparent
Background form layer: uses a form to define complex and/or dynamic backgrounds
Picture layer: allows textures and picture centering or stretching
Glass layer: 256 levels of color translucency
Background settings can be individually inherited from parent for easy of use and resource optimization
FormContainer additional features        
Form embedding
Lots of child form positioning options (centering included)
Optional scrolling
Remembers embedded forms history for easy wizard or explorer-like interfaces
Allows runtime embedded forms data persistence for easy backwards form navigation
You can use standard forms or our custom form TFCEmbeddedForm


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