Billenium Effects will let you create a wizard that your end-users won't forget in a hurry! The same is true of About boxes, ...this is definitely the way to go!.

The Delphi Magazine, June 2002 issue

Fancy writting your own PowerPoint clone? Check out this terrific transition effects library.

PC Plus magazine, July 2002 issue 191

It is an elegant, powerful way to go about putting together sophisticated applications efficiently.

UNDU (Unofficial Newsletter of Delphi Users)

I am using the Billenium Effects and readily recommend it. It is one of those gems that actually work better than they claim.

Michael D. Collins, Collins Data Systems
All I have to say is... nice product !!! I love your Billenium Effects for Delphi. Thanks for all the hard work in making such a professional looking -- and well performing -- transition and effects package.

Philip Chimbolo, PMCWare
My clients truly enjoy the effects Billenium Effects provided to the application.

Charles Stack
Your product helps us make our product more professional. It works quite well.

Paul Earley, Earley Corporation
I am enjoying the support as much as the software.

Mark McFarlane, Computer Productivity Resources(CPR)
I would definitely use Billenium Effects, we have been using them for sometime now with various clients who needed to create rolling demo's and most of the places we have gone to, this is the component set they were using. Definitely gets 11 out of 10 from me.

Scott Blood, SGB Software
Once again you have demonstrated what good customer service is all about.

Richard Warriner, Caliq Software Ltd
I have to say that I'm impressed with your product support. I've never seen anything like this. Thank you very much for all the help.

Paulo Ribeiro, Ideias sem fim
Billenium Effects is in my view in the top 5 of Delphi components and is
now central to all my projects. So far I've been happy with every aspect of
its development. The documentation is very good and I have found the sample
files particularly helpful.

Robin B.

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