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Versions history


  1. Embarcadero RAD Studio XE support
  2. Added a RAD Studio 2007 specific version
  3. Added new fcpmBottomLeft, fcpmTopRight, fcpmBottomLeft and fcpmBottomRight values to the TFCPictureMode enumeration
  4. Added the Padding property to the TFormContainer and TTEImage components
  5. Fixed a memory leak in the TTETransitionExport component
  6. Fixed rendering of beveled controls
  7. Added AlignWithMargins support for embedded forms


  1. Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010 support
  2. Labels were not correctly rendered in Vista
  3. Alphablend transition was wrong for really small transitions
  4. FCKeyPreview will stop propagating keyboard events if the Key parameter is set to 0
  5. Controls with BorderWidth greater than 0 were not correctly rendered
  6. Fixed several bugs in MDI form transitions


  1. Codegear RAD Studio 2009 support
  2. Setting ParentFont to True in TFCEmbeddedForm caused exceptions in docked IDE
  3. New TEGlobalDisabledStrict and TENoFormTransitionsInAero global variables
  4. Form show effects could fail for some borderless forms
  5. Closing form effects were only running the first time a form was closed
  6. Improved MDI form transitions
  7. C++ Builder compilation errors fixed
  8. New SaveToStrings/LoadFromStrings methods for storing/loading transitions
  9. New 'Milliseconds' property in TRandomTransition
  10. Asynchronous transitions are much less CPU hungry, so you can execute several at the same time
  11. Several minor improvements
  12. Windows Vista support
  13. Codegear RAD Studio 2007 support
  14. Help in chm format available as a separate download
  15. Form transitions were not always working fine in multimonitor configurations
  16. Closing form transitions now refresh the uncovered screen to make sure it is always correct
  17. TFCEmbeddedForm now publishes ParentColor and ParentShowHint properties
  18. Closing form effects could cause incorrect focusing
  19. Fixed several bugs when executing asynchronous transitions
  20. Aborting an asynchronous transition is now very fast in all cases
  21. Form closing effects were not executing for maximized borderless forms
  22. New 'fcpmTopLeft' picture mode
  23. New 'PictureMargin' property in TTEImage
  24. New 'ThemesDisabled' property in BackgroundOptions
  25. TTEImage control was not correctly handling translucent backgrounds
  26. Improved third party controls interface


  1. Totally redesigned transitions architecture for improved flexibility
  2. New! Support for Delphi 2006 and C++ Builder 2006
  3. New! TTEImage control with asynchronous (threaded) transitions native support
  4. Improved controls rendering algorithm
  5. Created an interface for third party components compatibility
  6. New! transition export component
  7. New! showing/closing form animations
  8. New! closing form transitions (under Windows 2000 and XP)
  9. Improved transitions editor: asynchronous preview and optional autopreview
  10. New! Page transition
  11. New! Pixelate transition
  12. New! Blur transition
  13. New! Random transition
  14. New! SmoothBand property in the Wipe transition
  15. New! MaskMode (Stretch, Tile or Zoom) property in the Bitmap mask transition
  16. Added a random direction setting for transitions
  17. Added a 7th smoothing level in circle, diagonal, interlaced and radial transitions
  18. Much faster roll transition
  19. Improved TransitionList editor
  20. New! PictureMode value: 'fcpmZoom'
  21. OnAfterShow event in TFormTransitions
  22. ClearLRUHistory method in TFormContainer


  1. Compatibility with Data Execution Prevention (DEP) feature of Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003.
  2. Fixed bug in the transitions editor originating bad settings in the 'waterfall' transition.
  3. Fixed bug in FormContainer which could cause the recreation of the embedded form's window.
  4. Fixed bug in FormContainer's OnFormDestroy event: the 'Form' parameter could be wrong when the form to be destroyed was not visible.
  5. Fixed rendering problem in grids when the alignment is 'RightToLeft'.
  6. Fixed error when detecting transitions clipped by other windows.
  7. Fixed bug when using FormTransitions in non-main MDI parent forms.


  1. Delphi 2005 support (Win32 personality).
  2. Fixed a memory leak in the 'Bitmap mask' transition.
  3. Circle transition was sometimes leaving dirty pixels.
  4. Improved exception handling in FormContainer.
  5. ParentFont property of TFCEmbeddedForm was not working.
  6. The transition now shows the cursor of the prepared control.
  7. Menus were not being unmerged when hiding embedded forms without destroying them.
  8. Fixed an access violation when closing Delphi and a TransitionList editor not owned by current project was open.
  9. Fixed an error in the transitions editor when scrolling trough the available transitions very fast.
  10. Fixed an access violation at initialization on systems without 'RICHED32.DLL' (a very rare circumstance).
  11. Fixed a rendering problem with RichEdits.
  12. Fixed a bug when using a transition to show a maximized form and the task bar was at the top or left position of the screen.
  13. Some minor bug fixes.
  14. Improved detection of clipped transitions.
  15. ExpressQuantumGrid v4 is now correctly rendered under Windows NT.
  16. VirtualTreeView rendering improved.
  17. Better support for TCheckListBox controls.
  18. WebBrowser rendering improved.


  1. New property MinAbortInterval has been added to TTransitionEffect.
  2. New helper function GetWinVersion that returns the Windows version.
  3. FormContainer's AutoScroll was broken in version 3.2.
  4. Fixed a bug in the control rendering algorithm which was causing several side effects (for example, some incompatibilities with 1stClass from Woll2Woll).
  5. Some styles of the circle transition with smoothing effects were showing artifacts.
  6. 'Divide by zero exception' could be thrown by the BlendTransition under very uncommon circumstances.
  7. Editor was not correctly initializing the SubStyle property of some transitions.
  8. Transitions are now supported inside a layered window once it is visible.
  9. Fixed a repaint problem when switching focus in the middle of a transition.


  1. Delphi 7 version.
  2. XP themes support (only in Delphi 7).
  3. New teThemed control rendering mode (only in Delphi 7).
  4. Solved the problem: '[Linker Error] Unresolved external __fastcall Formcont::TFCEmbeddedForm::PaintWindow(void *)' when using TFCEmbeddedForm in C++ Builder.
  5. OnClose event support for embedded forms (see CheckOnClose).
  6. Transparent picture backgrounds support.
  7. OnShortCut events support for embedded forms with the new FCIsShortCut routine.
  8. Background painting has been optimized under some circumstances.


  1. Fixed a severe bug in the bitmap mask transition when using smoothing with some CPUs.
  2. Fixed the possibility of repeated name conflicts when using TFCEmbeddedForm.
  3. New OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave events in TEffectsPanel.
  4. New ParentFormContainer function in TFCEmbeddedForm.
  5. TFCEmbeddedForm's Scaled property has been published.
  6. Much faster controls rendering algorithm.
  7. Waterfall transition now uses a proper editor.


  1. New CreateShowForm and CreateShowFormEx methods in TFormContainer.
  2. Scrolling support in TFormContainer with the new AutoScroll, HorzScrollBar and VertScrollBar properties.
  3. KeyPreview support for embedded forms with the new FCKeyPreview routine.
  4. New TFCEmbeddedForm custom form for even easier embedded forms creation.
  5. New tePaintCopy, teHook and teOwnCanvas control rendering modes.
  6. Pre-registered Express Bars, Express QuantumGrid, Express Inplace Editors, Infopower 3000 and WPTools controls. All these controls are correctly rendered now. If you are using RegisterTEControl with any of them please don't do anymore with this version as it would interfere with the new settings.
  7. New Bitmap mask transition. This new bitmap mask transition will be very useful for creative people. You just have to assign a grayscale bitmap to the transition where each gray level represents a frame.
  8. New interlaced transition.
  9. New cool roll transition.
  10. New waterfall transition.
  11. The alphablend transition has been totally rewritten in highly optimized assembler, making use of MMX/SSE instructions where available. The result is a faster execution (up to 2x) and a much more smooth visual effect (up to 4x intermediate levels).
  12. The diagonal transition is much faster now, thus eliminating some artifacts that were visible when using it at full screen. It also supports the new cool smoothing effect.
  13. The radial transition is a little faster now and supports smoothing.
  14. Smoothing support for the circle transition.
  15. The slide transition is a little faster and supports the new slide out property.
  16. Faster push transition.
  17. The block transition is faster and supports the new dual property. Also a new random algorithm when using style 1 performs a much better visual effect.


  1. Fixed the exception "Class TTransitionEffectsEditor not found" being raised sometimes when adding effects to a TransitionsList in Delphi 6 and C++ Builder 6.
  2. Fixed a control focusing bug in FormContainer.


  1. C++ Builder 6 version.
  2. Slightly enhanced control rendering.


  1. Compatibility with Windows XP.
  2. FormContainer now operates safer.
  3. Fixed some minor renderization errors.
  4. Several transition bugs have been solved.
  5. Fixed a bug in TFCBackgroundOptions that could cause incompatibility with other components that have a 'BackgroundOptions' property (for example, InfoPower).
  6. When editing a transition its link to a FormTransitions component could be lost.


  1. New AbortOnEscape property for transitions.
  2. New OnAbortQuery event for transitions.
  3. Richedit control rendering was broken in the last version released by Microsoft.
  4. Better palette handling in transitions.
  5. The transitions were not being correctly prepared under some uncommon circumstances.
  6. Fixed a 'white background' bug in some transitions.
  7. Transitions were not working when a control was not using WS_CLIPCHILDREN style.
  8. Fixed an access violation in the TransitionList component under Delphi 6.
  9. The help file was showing some events as properties.


  1. Delphi 6 VCL version
  2. Fixed an Access Violation in the TTransitionList editor


  1. Two new FormContainer's events: OnFormCreate and OnFormDestroy.
  2. Smoother BlendTransition. It is also faster when the source and the destination images have many common pixels.
  3. FormContainer has eliminated a lot of flickering when resizing.


  1. Some problems have been solved in the control rendering algorithm (MDI maximized forms, large fonts, non-client area brush alignment and better third party controls support).
  2. Some transitions were not working fine when they were partially clipped.
  3. Access violations in the TransitionList component and transitions editor have been fixed.
  4. Enhanced background settings inheritance (now you don't need to insert a FormTransitions component in a child form in order to inherit its FormContainer parent settings).
  5. New AbortOnClick property for transitions.


  1. Fixed a severe bug in the translucency algorithm.
  2. Improved help file.


  1. Greatly improved BackgroundOptions. Now you can use translucency (note that this concept is much more complex than transparency, as the visual effect is like seeing the background through a colored glass), and/or define a form as background design for the component or Form.
  2. TTransitionList component. Now the transitions are components, and you can create and configure them visually at design time by using this component. The transition editor is also available at runtime.
  3. New transitions classes with lots of variations: TBlockTransition, TCircleTransition, TDiagonalTransition and TRadialTransition.
  4. TEffectsPanel component (just a panel with our Backgrounds technology).
  5. TEffectsGroupBox component (a group box with our Backgrounds technology).
  6. New transition events: OnBeforeTransition and OnAfterTransition.
  7. SafeFormDestroy boolean property that, once set to False, allows the form's events sequence OnHide, OnDestroy, OnShow instead of the current OnHide, OnShow, OnDestroy when switching to a new form and destroying the previous one. This will be very useful for complex interfaces with heavily interrelated forms.
  8. Control rendering callback routines.
  9. Faster control rendering.
  10. Some minor bugs have been fixed in FormContainer and the transitions.
  11. C++Builder 5 support.
  12. Windows help file.