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Versions history


  1. New Page transition.
  2. New Pixelate transition.
  3. New Blur transition.
  4. New SmoothBand property in the Wipe transition.
  5. New MaskMode (Stretch, Tile or Zoom) property in the Bitmap mask transition.
  6. Added a random direction setting for transitions.
  7. Added a 7th smoothing level in circle, diagonal, interlaced and radial transitions.
  8. Much faster roll transition.
  9. Improved transitions editor: asynchronous preview and optional autopreview.
  10. New btnReverseNext action instructs the next transition to execute in reversed mode.
  11. New btnEnableAutoReverse action automatically reverses the transition direction (where available) when navigating to a previous page (NeoBook v5.0.4 and above).
  12. New btnDisableAutoReverse action does not automatically reverse the transition direction when navigating to a previous page (NeoBook v5.0.4 and above).
  13. New human readable storing format: allows you to easily configure your transition settings though scripting. For example:
    ShowObject "MyPicture" "Billenium" "Transition=Page;Direction=Down;Milliseconds=1000"
  14. Compatibility with Data Execution Prevention (DEP) feature of Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003.


  1. Fixed a bug in the trial version which was causing wrong rendering in some computers.
  2. Optimized transition storing in the pub.
  3. Improved setup for installing the product.