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Price Free See prices
License of use (other than evaluation of the software)
Royalty free distribution of the transition xtra within your multimedia pieces
Free technical support by email
Available in runtime (projector) mode
Available in authoring mode
Free upgrades to any new minor version
General transitions features    
New! Asynchronous preview in the editor with optional autopreview
Unified editor (you can configure a transition and later change to another one without needing to delete and create a new one)
High performance (MMX/SSE assembler optimized)
17 different families with hundreds of different cool effects
You can set transition duration in milliseconds
Lingo support
Families of transitions    
Bitmap mask: allows you to define your desired effect by supplying a 256 grayscale bitmap
Circle: several circle effects with optional smoothing
Cross fade: high quality but still blazing fast
Diagonal: several circle effects with optional smoothing
Drip: 4 directions
Interlaced: several interlaced effects with optional smoothing
Page: simulate a 3D page turning
Pattern: 13 styles
Push: 4 directions
Puzzle / Dissolve: many variations, ranging from a pixel dissolve to a puzzle (jigsaw) or blocks effect
Radial: several radial effects with optional smoothing
Roll: 4 directions 2D/3D fast roll/unroll effect of configurable width
Slide: 10 directions, slide in/out and elastic source or destination options
Waterfall: 4 directions
Wipe: 10 directions and an optional 'mix' band whose width is configurable

Requirements and limitations

Certified for Authorware versions 6, 6.5 and 7, and Director versions 8.5, MX,  MX 2004, 11 and 11.5. Previous versions could be compatible but have not been tested.
Only for Windows (95, 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and 7)
It's not currently 'Shockwave safe', so you can't publish it for the web
8 bits per pixel (256 colors) and above (high and true color)

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