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Versions history


  1. Positioning of the transition was sometimes incorrect.
  2. Timing was inaccurate.
  3. Fixed a huge memory leak.


  1. Certified for Director 11.
  2. New Page transition.
  3. New Pixelate transition.
  4. New Blur transition.
  5. New SmoothBand property in the Wipe transition.
  6. New MaskMode (Stretch, Tile or Zoom) property in the Bitmap mask transition.
  7. Added a random direction setting for transitions.
  8. Added a 7th smoothing level in circle, diagonal, interlaced and radial transitions.
  9. Much faster roll transition.
  10. Improved transitions editor: asynchronous preview and optional autopreview.
  11. Compatibility with Data Execution Prevention (DEP) feature of Windows XP SP2.


  1. Fixed the 'out of memory while expanding memory stream' error in the 'bitmap mask' transition
  2. Fixed bug in the transitions editor originating bad settings in the 'waterfall' transition


  1. In case the transition settings are corrupted a default transition will be loaded instead of breaking your movie
  2. Fixed a rendering problem in Push and Slide transitions when the window is clipped


  1. Lingo support
  2. Circle transition was sometimes leaving dirty pixels


  1. First published version.