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Versions history


  1. DFMs were not correctly read for some Delphi versions.


  1. Delphi 2009 support (Win32 personality).
  2. The 'Pack DFMs' option will be disabled for Delphi 2009 and above.
  3. Fixed EurekaLog compatibility issue.
  4. Citadel no longer executes DLL's entry point when the project is a DLL.
  5. Fixed an access violation when encryption was enabled and no password was 


  1. Delphi 2006 support (Win32 personality).
  2. MadExcept 3 compatibility.
  3. Fixed a bug when verifying the unpacked DFM.
  4. Fixed a bug when packing wide string properties.
  5. Improved detection and correction of problems when packing enumerated values.
  6. Improved runtime unpacking of enumerated values.
  7. Statistical information added to the log file.


  1. Delphi 2005 support (Win32 personality).
  2. Citadel was not correctly handling projects whose target file extension was being setup as '.XXX' instead of 'XXX'.


  1. The Wizard was not correctly saving some info to be used by the command line tool.
  2. Fixed a problem with wide and UTF8 strings in the 'Pack' option.
  3. The Wizard can now detect possible problems when packing enumerated values in the DFMs and automatically correct them.


  1. Command line tool. It supports 'Remove relocations', 'Compress DFMs' and 'Encrypt DFMs' options, but not the 'Pack DFMs' option.
  2. Fixed a design time bug in the Pack option under very uncommon circumstances.
  3. The limit for a .pas file size has been raised from 512KB to 1MB.
  4. Some times the log file was not being correctly created.


  1. Fixed several bugs in the Packing algorithm.
  2. The Wizard was cutting some texts in large fonts systems.
  3. Log file creation added to the Wizard.
  4. Escape key closes the Wizard or aborts the process.
  5. If you press Control key when clicking the Apply button the full project is rebuild.


  1. First published beta version.